Tea Meeting and Auction

“Tea Meetings” became a huge community affair in rural Jamaica, designed to entertain as well as to raise funds for a variety of collective causes. It provides us with one avenue through which to examine cultural continuities and the convergence of tradition and modernity. This event coincides with, and pays homage to, a very special a watershed moment in Jamaica’s political development, the start of the Morant Bay Rebellion on October 11, 1865.

There is nothing like a Jamaican “Tea Meeting”. You might be forgiven for thinking it resembles a tea party of the English variety.

Delegates Pre-register for the event online!

Buy Tickets at the Edna Manley College

• Booth
• Appropriate accessories – will be provided
• Edibles –
• Drinks – Hot and Cold
• Singing and Speechifying
• Audience participation
• Penny Concert
• Silent Auction – you are expected to bid generously for the items on auction

Works of art for Bid at the Tea Meeting Silent Auction

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