Outward Reach: A Kingston Arts Tour

Outward Reach: A Kingston Arts Tour, is a journey into the heart of downtown Kingston, the nation’s capital, which has been shaped by the architects of modern Jamaica and the creative imagination of outstanding artists.

This two-hour tour is a celebration of Jamaica’s rich heritage in arts and culture against the backdrop of a city that holds its own history as the political centre of the nation’s development.

The tour begins with a stop at National Heroes’ Park, where attendees will be guided through the monuments that honour the selfless work of our nation’s heroes.

Next, attendees will be guided through the Jamaica Music Museum to see a variety of instruments that are a part of Jamaica’s rich and influential music history.

The final stop before returning to the college is at the Fleet Street Murals, where the enduring quest and struggle for identity through self-expression is captured.

Please come along with us as we reach out to historic downtown Kingston to explore the arts of this prolific city!