Call for Proposals

Rex Nettleford Arts Conference 2019

The Arts: Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Exchanges

The Arts: Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Exchanges, is the guiding theme for the 5th Rex Nettleford Arts Conference being hosted by the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. The theme underscores the role of the arts in re-imagining and transforming contemporary social contexts in ways that are emancipatory and offers a platform for navigating the shifting paradigms within and across cultures through the arts.

At the intersection of these exchanges, cultures take on new relevance and manifestations, thus opening up further possibilities for discourse, research and collaborative endeavors that ask: How do the arts and culture illuminate people’s lives? What roles do they play in enriching our nation, region and the world? How are they implicated in the health and sustainability of our education systems, economies and societies? Are the arts and culture valued as national resources?

Our responses to these questions are important as they inform our understandings of self and the innovation required to shape dynamic and vibrant communities, cities, regions, businesses and developments, generally.

Proposals for oral presentations, lecture demonstrations, performances, exhibitions, and workshops are invited on any of the sub themes listed below. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words and should include a title along with a brief outline of the presentation. Abstracts must also be accompanied by a brief biography of 150 words.



  • Arts Practices and their Antecedents
  • The Arts as a platform for intergenerational conversation
  • The Arts as Carriers of Memory, History, Controversy


  • The Arts and Hybrid Identities
  • Unpacking Cultural Identity
  • Mirror, Mirror: What Do the Arts Reveal?


  • The Artist as a Change Agent
  • In Pursuit of Cultural Equity
  • Transforming Mindsets, Transforming Societies


  • Changing the Landscape of Art Education through ICT
  • Lessons Education Can Learn from the Arts
  • Advancing Arts Praxis through Student/ Faculty Exchanges


  • The Arts for Sustainable Development
  • Monetizing the Arts: Models for Emerging Economies
  • The Arts & the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Deadline Extended:
Deadline for submission: May 31, 2019